Ancient Ostia Tour

by / Tuesday, 16 April 2017 / Published in Outside Rome

Enjoy a fascinating tour of the archaeological remains of Ostia. Situated at the mouth of the Tiber river, it was the military and commercial seaport of Rome.

In Ancient Times, the main streets of Ostia were lined with shops, warehouses and inns. Its bars, brothels and baths were crowded with sailors and merchants from all the corners of the empire.

Here it’s easy to let your imagination fly and feel like you’ve been transported back in time — in this once bustling Roman harbor town the isolated ruins reveal no sign of the modern world so you’ll have a truly authentic experience!

Walk the main street, the Decumanus Maximus, while your tour guide regales you with fascinating stories of the past. The Roman statues lining the walkways are in such perfect condition you’ll feel as though you are walking amongst the ancient Romans themselves! You’ll even be enticed to take a dip in the Baths of Neptune, which are crowned by an impressively intactmosaic of the sea god being drawn by a four horse chariot.

And if you are a theatre fan, you will be astounded by Ancient Ostia’s theatre –take your place in the stands as 3,500 ancient Roman spectators once did back in 12 BC when it was first constructed. Then feel free to relax for a moment with a friend on the communal forica – or toilettes just as the Romans did!

At the Thermopolium you can still see an ancient counter where drinks were served and imagine sipping a cup of Roman wine while hearing the conversation of shipbuilders and traders! And then to Ostia’s main square: the Forum with the imposing ruins of the Capitolium: the largest temple in Ostia dedicated to the Capitoline triad, Juno, Jupiter and Minerva.